Pool time with the Walker Family

Trey was out of town all last week for a work training...literally all week Sunday thru late late Friday night (basically early Sat. morning).  Needless to say it was a long week for this Momma acting as both parents and still going to work.  Landry was on her best behavior which helped.  One day we were on speaker in the car talking to JoJo and Landry chimed in, "JoJo, Trey's in Boston!" We both laughed, then I tried to explain to her that she calls him Daddy not Trey.   I think she must of heard me say it so many times on the phone that she felt the need to tell JoJo herself.  You better watch what you say around Miss L...it will be repeated.  

Since I was all alone this week the Walker's invited us over for an afternoon swim at their neighborhood pool.  Landry loves their pool because it has a big slide.  Only problem, there was NO DADDY to go with her so it was up to me.  After she went down 5 times we made her stop, luckily Kelly volunteered a couple of times which allowed me to take a break.  After the pool we all went to dinner and it just so happened to be Kids Karaoke Night at the local sports bar.  Reese was in heaven and was brave enough to hop on stage and sing a couple songs...even though she can't read.  She did great!

Baby Jack is getting so big, he will be ONE before we know it...time sure does fly.  Check out his teeth...I know who would make a stinkin cute vampire this Halloween.  Gotta love the fangs!  Now that Kelly and I no longer work together we have to make time to see each other outside of the office.  This was a good first week...we managed to see each other at least once.  

Landry is a total nut!

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  1. Oh my gosh that picture of Jack's teeth is hilarious. Strange, and hilarious!! My little vampire! The pictures of the girls are cute too. Little fishies.