Summer Cravings

We had another fun filled weekend at the pool.  Landry has started working on her cheerleading moves again this year.  Our goal it to have her doing flips by the end of the summer! :)  We go on vacation in a couple of weeks so we are all working on our "base" tan.  We can only take about 3 hours at the pool before we have to come home and all take a long afternoon nap.   

I got my snow cone fix!!!  Thank goodness.  I have been obsession over a snow cone for weeks now.  I am sure my co-workers and husband were sick of hearing about how bad I wanted a snow cone.  I craved them when I was pregnant with Landry and we could never find one open in December.  This time I was bound and determined to get my fix!  I took my little monster with me to the opposite side of town to get one on Sunday.  Like mother, like daughter...she loved it as much as I did.

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