A long weekend

I cannot tell you how much we needed this long weekend.  It was so nice to have NOTHING we had to do.  We spent lots of time at the neighborhood pool, playing in the backyard and BBQ'ing with friends.  It took Landry a few minutes to regain her swim legs but once she did she was off like a fish once again.  Summertime is typically my favorite time of year but I must say I am really dreading this one.  Saturday was 97 here in Dallas and I could barely breath outside.  I went to Target and picked up a kiddie pool for our backyard, I made sure it was big enough for me also.  I am going to need it!  I am 22 weeks and my nauesa have finally subsided for the most part.  I still have bad moments but I have been drug free (zofran that is) for 1 week. 

We did have a little scare this weekend...no not the baby...the camera!  I could not find my camera all day Saturday or Sunday...we looked everywhere.  I had finally decided that I must have left it in the car and it had been stolen (I have a bad habit of leaving things in the car and Trey has a bad habit of leaving the car unlocked).  At 10:00 on Sunday night we sat down to retrace our steps from the last week.  I knew I had the camera last Sunday, so we started there.  Once we got to Wednesday and we realized that was the night Landry and I were hiding in the closet from the impending tornado, a light bulb went off in Trey's head.  He remember he HID my camera in case the house took a hit from the storm.  Are you kidding me???  Sure enough...he reached under his desk in a cabinet behind the printer and pulled out the camera.  Thank goodness he remembered.  I probably would have had a new one on order today if I had not found it.  I love my camera! Needless to say all of these pictures were taken on Monday since that is the only day I had a camera.  As you can she Miss L is one busy little girl.

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  1. You sure look cute in your bikini and hat! Jojo wants a hat like that for Florida!