My barnyard princess

Now that the party is past us I can finally post Landry's 2 year old pictures in her birthday outfit.  My good friend Katie gave Landry a photo session as her birthday gift.  I am not sure if it was what Landry wanted, but it sure did make her Momma happy.  Katie, thank you again!

After deciding on a theme for the party I bet you can guess what I did next...that's right...began picking out an outfit & bows.  Thank you God for giving me a little girl to dress up!  I knew I wanted her in overalls but was having trouble finding the perfect pair.  I hated to ask my friend Julie to take on this project because she was right in the middle of her big move to Kansas, but since she is such an amazing friend she agreed to help me out.  I gave her this direction... cow, pink and ruffles...possibly the number 2!  I was so excited when I received the finished product in the mail...they were awesome and looked great on my cute birthday girl!  Now that Julie is all settled in up in Kansas she is willing to take on almost any project.  I already have her working on some spring clothes for Miss L.  Please check out Julie's Etsy site Jill Be Nimble, email her for custom items and tell her Kylie sent ya!

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  1. This is such a cute party!!! I saw it on Kelly Walker's blog and just had to come see more about it!! Where did you get this crew to come and set up at your house!? VERY VERY CLEVER!!