Do I still live in Texas?

With all of this snow and ice you would think we live up north.  This has been one crazy week of winter weather for the DFW area.  It all started early Tuesday morning with an ice storm that put a 2" layer of ice on our streets, temperatures in teens and low 20's allowed for very little melting.  Then last night we were hit again.  Before bed we watched the radar and we were straddling the line between 1" and possibly up to 3"...boy did they miss judge.  We woke up to 6" of snow covering everything and it continued to snow all day.  All the schools in the area were already closed due to the ice, so this was a welcomed snow for all the neighborhood kids.  Trey did some research and this is the first time since 1981 that Plano schools have closed for consecutive days in a row.  They have never closed for more than 2 days in a row.  This week they were closed for 4, that will give you an idea of how unusual this weather event is.  It was a good think I decided to postpone the birthday party earlier in the week...this would have totally stressed me out.  I can only imagine the stress the Superbowl committee is under, I really feel sorry for them.  This has just been awful!

On the bright side we had a playdate today with several of our neighbors.  It was cold but there was almost no wind so it was actually bearable outside.  Under this snow is pure ice which made it very difficult to stand up...I think all of bit it at some point.  Tonight Trey drove us to Walmart so I could get some groceries, we also picked up a giant tubes...watch out hills...the Whitehead's are coming bright and early!  


Lily was the snow angel queen!

This is Landry practicing her parade wave!

Sweet Chloe!

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  1. I cannot believe all of that snow! That's just crazy. It makes me sad to see all of you guys together and not have H & L in the pictures too. Tell Baby Landry we said Happy Birthday!!