Sick Day...part 2

Today was another sick day for Mommy! I have a nasty cold that I can't seem to shake. Trey has been out of town for work for the last 24 hours so it has been just us girls. Luckily Landry has been going to the baby sitter durning the day so I have been able to rest. Hopefully I will feel well enough to go back to the office tomorrow. I am just thankful Landry hasn't caught this nasty cold, besides a runny nose she seems to be just fine. We managed to have some fun during bath time tonight, enjoy the photos of my crazy 23 month old.

I got a good laugh out of this tonight so I thought I would share. Tonight before dinner I asked Landry to put her shoes away and put her socks in the laundry "basket". She loves to do things like that so she gladly picked everything up and headed to her room. Once she reappeared I asked her if she put everything away and she said, "Yes Mommy!". About an hour later I decided to throw in a load of laundry, when I opened the washer this is what I found...

Not only did she take her socks to the washer she also decided to take out her bow & put her passy in for a good cleaning. Guess I need to check the machine for mystery items from now on.

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