Our Crazy Christmas Week - Part 4

Christmas Day! Well, the day started about 8 a.m. with TWO very tired parents. All because one little girl did not sleep well. I think it was a combination of several things. Too many sweets and the excitement/fear of Santa. Every time she would cry and we would go check on her she would say...Santa TOYS. We later realized, when she would barely walk into the living room to see all the wonderful things Santa brought her, she was probably scared Santa was actually going to be in our house. Remember the big man was already HERE once this year for the Breakfast with Santa. She is one smart little cookie and I think all the talk of Santa coming and bringing her toys made her think he was going to pop up somewhere. Poor thing! After she helped JoJo make a wonderful breakfast it was time to open all the gifts. You know your child is blessed when you have to help them open the last few gifts due to "present opening fatigue". We had such an amazing Holiday and are so extremely blessed to have such a wonderful, healthy, amazing family. To all the family we didn't get to spend the Holidays with...we missed you all!

Ty Ty insisted he could fit in Landry's tunnel...hmmm...not so much.

She even spent a little time in TIME OUT on Christmas Day (with the hat on)

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  1. Landry is so dang cute in that last picture!!!! love her!