Our Crazy Christmas Week - Part 3

And the Christmas festivities continue...

JoJo, Papa, Aunt Jessie & Uncle Ty Ty all traveled to Allen to spend Christmas with us. Landry loves seeing everyone and was upset the morning everyone left...you can see why from these pictures. She gets totally spoiled every time she is around her JoJo. Even Daddy now takes a back seat to JoJo. We all attended the Christmas Eve service at Lover's Lane, Miss L even lasted the entire service. Landry got to experience the Christmas Eve candlelight service for the first time.

The candle light service is one of my most distinct childhood Christmas memories. We would always go to my Grandmothers church in Larned, KS with the family. Jess and I couldn't wait until it was time to light our candles. We would always play games like...see who could keep their candle lit the longest or one of us would try to blow the others candle out while they weren't looking. I am sure whatever we were doing it was stressing my mother out (sorry Mom...I now understand the stress we put you through). I am sure this will also be a great memory Landry will have one day.

She was fascinated with the Baby Jesus

Being Silly...she loves making this silly face.

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