i heart Elmo!

At almost 2 years old Landry has 3 TV loves...Elmo, Dora & Mickey "Mitty" Mouse.  She has different times of the day that she requests each one...it's like she knows when they are on TV.  Praise Baby is still by far her favorite DVD to watch.  If she is fussy or sick this DVD puts her in a good mood instantly.  If you have a little one (birth to 2) and you have never seen the Praise Baby series I would highly recommend it.  Mimi has given Landry three of them and she loves them all.  She is now beginning to sing along with all the songs.

Tonight I gave Landry's hair a slight trim.  I want to keep it long enough for pig tails for her birthday outfit, but after her party she is getting a real bob.  Hopefully this will thicken it up a little.  I also think she is getting her 2 year molars...notice the drool!

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