Everyone loves a happy plate

What a difference a day makes!  For 2 years meal time has always been a challenging time in the Whitehead home.  Never in my wildest dreams did I think we would struggle to get a child of mine to eat...but we do!  She loves milk and loves snacks but sometimes only eats a few bites at dinner.  This makes me crazy.  For the last few days she has barely eaten anything at dinner, she might be teething, but eat NOTHING???  Surely she is hungry???  Tonight was a different story, she ate and ate!  Trey said she was making up for the last 2 days.  She was so proud she finally had a HAPPY PLATE!  My entire life I don't think I've ever had anything BUT a happy plate! :)

Brianne...you will love this shirt!  Cousin Sadie...you will hate it!  Landry's favorite boys in Kansas sent her this shirt.  Thanks Boys...it's just her size and color!  To bad I hadn't wiped her face before these pictures.  


  1. Rock Chalk, Landry!!! I am loving it!

  2. Oh so cute, and yes, mommy, you should have washed her face!

  3. yuck... Get that girl some PURPLE!