Our crazy turkey weekend

See…I promised I would get caught up sooner or later.

This year we spent Thanksgiving WEEK in Arkansas with my family.  We had a great time visiting family and friends.  My Grandfather (Papa Dean) will turn 80 right after Christmas so we threw him an early 80th Birthday Bash on Thanksgiving Day.  It was nice to have all his family together to help him celebrate.  He now has two great granddaughters so this was the first time we were able to get him pictured with both at the same time. 



I know…I know…I am a terrible Mom for posting this.  I couldn’t resist.  Miss L has recently discovered the art of nose picking.  So gross, but she was so focused!


I think both of the girls were in shock from the crazy adults trying to get them to smile!
Happy Birthday Papa Dean!


This was also the first year I have taken part in the BLACK FRIDAY craziness, of course I drug my mother and sister with me.  Jess came and spent the night at mom’s house and was not thrilled when we alarm sounded at 4:15 and I announced we were headed to Kohl’s.  Here we are in the car on the coldest morning ready to take Black Friday by storm.


ARK v.s. LSU


Come on Stella…follow me!


Our family TUSK ‘EM Picture! This is a joke we were playing on Trey.  Long story short, he swears at one time he saw someone in the Arkansas band doing this crazy “Tusk ‘Em” hand gesture.  He continues to bring it up so Tyler had these shirts made up in his honor.IMG_0247


With our VICTORY (sorry LSU peeps) we are Sugar Bowl bound and this Momma can’t wait!  We are headed to New Orleans with our good friends and neighbors The Dennett’s!
Bourbon Street here we come!

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  1. Love the pictures especially the one with the pig!!! Looks like good times... Can't wait to J4! Woo Pig SOOOIE