Our 2nd Annual Breakfast with Santa

1 Santa + 30 Kids + Parents & some Grandparents = A GREAT Breakfast with Santa Party!
IMG_4097[1]Landry’s quote of the day, “NO, NO, NO TOYS from SANTA!”
On December 4th we hosted our annual breakfast with Santa party for Landry and her friends (or as Trey would say…for ALL the MOMS).  Many said I was totally nuts for having a party with 30+ kids, but how can I resist….I loved every minute of it.  Last year Landry was so young she didn’t know she could be scared of Santa…this year…it was a different story.  Trey and I feared she would react badly to the big man, but I didn’t expect her to cling to us the entire day.  It didn’t help she was sick!
It all started on Thursday afternoon when we received a call from Miss Kelly that Landry woke from her nap with a 102 temperature.   We rushed to the after hours clinic and sure enough she had an ear infection (her first I might add).  Of course, Miss L would get sick going into the weekend when we were having 60+ people over at 9 am for breakfast.  Luckily we were able to get her on meds and the fever had subsided prior to party time.  I laughed when I saw the picture below…it seemed to totally sum up how the both of us were feeling at the time.  All in all, the party went great…Santa was awesome and ALL the kiddos has a great time.  Thank you to all my friends who helped out, and a huge thanks to SANTA for making the party so special for all the little ones.
The only thing I plan on changing next year is…JoJo MUST be in attendance (for the help of course).
Happy kids after Santa delivered everyone a toy.IMG_0373IMG_0378
I thought JoJo and Jessie were going to kill me over Thanksgiving when I put them to work making these reindeer cookies…some of them looked a little crazy but they tasted great!

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