No No Mojo...it's JoJo!

If you ask most Grandmothers how they got their name many of them will have the same answer, "it's what my first grandchild called me." That is exactly what is happening to my mom. After almost 2 years of being called Mojo, her "grandma" name is officially changing to JoJo. My sister and I came up with Mojo which was a play on her real name (Mary Jo) because we didn't think Grandma, Grandmother or Nana was fitting for such a crazy spunky lady. So for nearly 2 years we have been trying our hardest to get Landry to utter the word Mojo and she would not even attempt it. When Mom was younger her little brothers always referred to her as JoJo so we thought that might be easier for Landry to say. Of course it was, and NOW according to Miss L...she will only be known as JoJo! And boy oh boy can she say JoJo. I bet I heard her say these phrases each nearly a hundred times, "Come here JoJo! No Mommy, JoJo do it! Silly JoJo." Landry loves her JoJo and we can't wait to see her again in a few days.

It's only fitting that I make this name change official on December 18th, JoJo's Birthday! Happy Birthday MOM! You're the greatest Mother, Mother-in-law and Grandmother this Whitehead clan could ask for. We ALL love and appreciate everything you do for us! I am so lucky to have you as my Mom, I have realized that more and more each day since I became a mother. We can't wait for you guys to get here next week so we can celebrate. XOXO!

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