Jessie's Birthday Bash!

Landry and I flew to Arkansas last weekend to help Aunt Jessie celebrate her 30th Birthday.  I was really dreading the flight with Landry by myself.  The last time we flew was last Christmas and that flight was a little crazy. She was great through the security line and was so excited to see all the airplanes once we got into the terminal.  Traveling with a kiddo can be challenging but I don't think Landry could have acted better.  She was an absolute angel.  On the way home she fell asleep before the wheels were off the ground, and I had to wake her as we were deboarding the plane.  That is what you call a dream flight!  We had a great time in Arkansas and there are more pictures from the weekend to come.

This is the painting I had done for Jessie.  If you can't tell it is of her baby Birdie.  A friend of mine from High School did the painting.  I think it turned out fabulous.  I can't wait to have her paint Landry.  Check out the rest of her work at http://www.ambersavage.com/

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