We Survived

We survived another exciting weekend with family…just barely.  My cousins came in town to attend the Arkansas/A&M game at Cowboy’s Stadium.  This was our first time at the new stadium and we received the VIP treatment in a luxury suite…the boys for the entire game…us girls…just for the 2nd half.  We had a great time and most importantly the Hogs WON… as my husband would say ”tusk ‘em”!!!  I turned around and went back to the stadium on Sunday with a friend for the Cowboy game…they were not so fortunate.

Before I got home from the game on Sunday night Landry had come down with what we assume was a “stomach bug” of some sort.  Probably the same stomach bug that kept Baby Stella up all Friday night.  To make a long story short today was Landry’s first day at school this week and Trey and I both came down with the same thing on Tuesday night.  I do not wish that bug on anyone…it was awful!  We are all on the mend and feeling 100% better today…Thank God!

ky and lins




IMG_9155Landry was all set to go home with Mojo and Baby Stella…even blew Mommy and Daddy kisses goodbye. When we finally broke the news to her she wasn’t going home with “jo jo” the scene was awful as they drove off.   She was crying and screaming, “Jo Jo…my Jo Jo” she cried…she made me cry…she almost made Trey cry…it was AWFUL, absolutely heart breaking.  I can officially say she knows who her Jo Jo is and doesn’t want her to leave.  Thanks again Mojo for coming to watch the girls.  IMG_9236


IMG_9263 I could not help but take this picture of Landry when she was sick…here is the back story.  On Monday she threw up all over one of her baby dolls.  She was very upset so I told her we would wash it.  When it came out of the wash I wrapped it up in a blanket like a newborn and took it to her…she was in her swing.  My sweet girl was so happy to have her baby back she held her until she fell asleep in the swing.


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