our weekend with Papa & Mojo

Last weekend we had some of our favorite visitors in town….Papa & Mojo!!!  Landry was so happy to see them, she hasn’t seen them since July when she stayed with them for 2 weeks.  The plan was for them to come watch Landry so Trey and I could have a couples weekend in Austin with some friends.  At the last minute our plans changed so we stayed in town and were able to enjoy their company.  This visit was the first time Landry could say Mojo (she has been able to say Papa since the July visit).  Most of the time is sounds like JoJo…and sometimes RoRo…but we know what she means.  She was super cute all weekend and even wore her new Razorback cheerleading uniform to cheer the HOGS to victory on Saturday.    IMG_8609

I promised by the end of Football season I would have her calling the HOGS on video…here is a sneak peek of her practicing.IMG_8605

Mojo gave Landry her first baking lesson…they made MJ famous chocolate chip cookies.  Landry seemed to love them as much as her mommy does.  I think she also figured out the batter might be the best part.  Miss L insisted on wearing her princess crown and boots to make the cookies…I wasn’t in the mood to put up a fight.IMG_8529  IMG_8536

While Mojo was smiling at the camera…someone stole a chocolate chip!IMG_8537 Opps…BUSTED!IMG_8538 IMG_8543 IMG_8546

On Saturday night after dinner we decided to take Landry to the fountains, I swear these fountains were the best idea.  Miss L continues to love the water, it may be the middle of September but it’s still near 100 degrees in Texas.  I have been told a COOL front is coming…one can only hope. IMG_8580 IMG_8582  IMG_8555

They even brought Landry her very own Razorback. She has been sleeping with it every night…hopefully to bring the hogs good luck this coming weekend!  Go Hogs…Beat Bama!


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