Our Day at the Zoo

I am way behind on posting these pictures from our trip to the Ft. Worth Zoo with the Heflin’s.  Landry had a blast seeing all the animals.  She is still learning her animals so most everything she saw she called “puppy”.  Trey and I were both very proud when she announced “BALL” when she saw the elephants.  As you can see from the photo a ball is not only Miss L’s favorite toy but  elephants love them also.  After the Zoo we let the girls have some playtime at the park…enjoy the photos.

IMG_6032  IMG_5992  IMG_6050 Miss L wore her Jean farm dress and Lisa asked me if a school teach gave it to her.  I told her all my teacher friends will love being associated with a “jean appliquéd jumper”


IMG_6074 Miss Kara…such a cutie, I could not get Kate to smile for me :(


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  1. Love your new blog page, looks great and it's even better to get Landry into golf; more time to spend with Daddy so you can shop! Mojo