Project Playroom

Well…it all started when I came home from work on day to find Trey in the attic, What was he doing in the attic?  He had gone to Lowe’s and purchased a new saw so he could add additional flooring to the attic.  Once he completed that project his exact words were, “What else can I build?”  I will be honest my first response back was, “NOTHING!”  Then came the “Project Playroom” talk.  Trey told me I needed to find a picture of exactly what I wanted to do upstairs, I was hesitant because I knew exactly what I wanted and it lived in the Pottery Barn Kids catalog…see image below.

pottery barn I knew there was NO WAY my “frugal” husband was going to fork over this kind of dough for the PLAYROOM of all things!  So you can imagine my excitement when I stumbled upon the most wonderful blog by Anna called Knock Off Wood.  Anna takes items from Pottery Barn, IKEA, West Elm, Land of Nod…& many others…and provides you the step by step plans FREE of charge so you can build the pieces on your own.  I was in heaven, almost every item I’ve ever looked at for Landry’s playroom was on this site just waiting for me (or us) to build it.  Including the “PB Cameron Media Wall System” Now my only task was presenting this crazy idea to my husband.  Being the talented  “sales woman” that I am I convinced him WE could do this…of course I took the “just look how much money we will save angle” and it WORKED LIKE A CHARM!  

I have decided to document the project from start to finish so here is just the beginning.

What would a post be without a photo of Miss L…here she is being a BIG helper!IMG_5474 IMG_5477 IMG_5484 IMG_5486Stay tuned there are more photos of the project to come.

HELP! I am seeking ideas for paint colors for the room and fabric ideas for drapes…if you have a suggestion please leave me a comment.


  1. very impressive! can't wait to see the finished product! can you come do ours next :) thanks!

  2. I'll help you with the colors and drape fabrics. That's totally my specialty. : )