Got my helmet on…ready to ride!!!

For months I have been looking for a bike helmet that would fit Landry so we can put her in the trailer attachment we purchased for our bike.  Last weekend Trey found one and brought it home.  At first she wanted nothing to do with it, but she quickly came around. Now any time she sees it she wants it on her head, so neighbors if you see her wearing it when she is NOT behind our bike…it is because we are avoiding a meltdown.

Daddy has taught her to reach up and give it a good tap when he says, …”Got my helmet on”!  She loves it.

IMG_5471 IMG_5434 This is what happened when we put it one for the first time…

IMG_5449 Then came the smiles!!!

IMG_5453 IMG_5458

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  1. Oh my gosh... I can't stop laughing!!! TOOOOOO CCCUUUTTTEEE!!!

    btw.. your carpets look really clean!