Partied Out!

We have finally wrapped up the 1st Birthday festivities.  What good little girl doesn’t deserve 2 weeks of celebrating.  She could probably do it every weekend but…Mom and Dad are partied out!  We started our celebration in Arkansas on Super Bowl weekend with a party at Aunt Jessie’s house, we had lots of friends and family join us in wishing Landry a Happy Birthday.  This weekend we had a party at our house for all our neighborhood friends and of course…Mimi & Granddad. Landry received tons of amazing gifts (everyone is too kind).  Here are some of my favorite pictures from the parties…lots more in the slide show. IMG_3994

Landry in her Birthday dress, I loved the way it turned out.
Several people asked where I got it so I am posting the link. PattieCakePretties's


Our Family!
Yes…I know my hair is getting darker and darker…Errr!


Landry’s #1 shirt and hat were done by my good friend Julie.
Check her out at Jill Be Nimble
Landry’s summer wardrobe is going to consist of pillow case dresses…i adore them.

IMG_4294  Brianne I posted this one for you…such a sweet face…sometimes.


Landry’s Candyland (make your own goodie bags) 
This drove the kids crazy…they could not wait to make their own bag. 


IMG_4069 IMG_4254

Of course…tutu made by Mommy.

IMG_4273The PARTY is over…time to go night night!

IMG_3568[2] Here are 9 of the 12 neighborhood Bunco AKA Drunko girls…and Landon



And finally…the Group photo!

Only one title is fitting…IT’S MY PARTY… AND I’LL CRY IF I WANT TOO!




IMG_1276 IMG_1279 We finally got the poor girl a passy!

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