No Phone Zone

IMG_3487 You know you are on the phone too much when your baby holds anything the resembles a phone to her ear a says, “ehh…ehh!”  I am trying to get her to say Mojo since that is usually who I am chatting with.  No luck yet mom, but I will keep trying.  When we were in Houston this weekend Kamryn let Landry borrow her princess phone so she could chat while we were headed to Hailey’s soccer game.  She thought she was so big!  Obviously MIss L is not taking Oprah’s NO PHONE ZONE PLEDGE very seriously.

If you have not heard about the pledge here is the scoop.  Oprah is asking viewers to take a NO PHONE ZONE pledge.  I am changing the rule for me to include texting and emailing only…I seriously do not think I would ever talk to my family if I couldn’t chat in the car.  But I am going to resist the urge texting.  Everyone should look at the pledge and read a few of the stories…it will make you think twice about looking at your phone in the car.  2 more days until the big day!

IMG_3495 IMG_3505 The girls dressed Landry up and Pierce provided her with the sword.  Great combo!


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  1. I enjoyed your blog. I have also tried to get the word out on my blog to get as many people as I can to sign the challenge. I hope it works!