Happy 1st Birthday Landry!

It’s official…our sweet baby is a YEAR OLD today!  Looking back on this year of 1st has been amazing.  I hope to share a few of those memories in the next couple weeks.  Keep in mind we are celebrating from today until Feb.13th!!!  This little princess deserves it! I will also have plenty of party pics to post in the coming days.

Below is a poem Landry received…written just for her on her 1st Birthday.  Diane…I love it!


A little blue eyed blonde haired girl is turning ONE!
In just one year she’s caused lots of changes and she’s not done.
She made her mommy a writer about her and more.
She made her daddy a photographer with poses galore.
She’s learned to laugh, feed herself, and kind of talk.
She’s learned to wave bye-bye, take a bath, and now to walk.
Landry, you are special to us in every way
We wish you sweet blessings and Happy Birthday!

-by Aunt Diane Grantham

IMG_3611  Okay…so she doesn’t ALWAYS love what I put on her head.
Pouty face :(

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