12 Month Report Card

Landry had her 1 year doctors appointment this week…our little princess is growing like a weed. She is still on the small side for her age…which totally blows my mind that i (Kylie GARMAN) have a petite daughter…that’s crazy! Overall the appointment went great, Doc said Landry is hitting all the major milestones. It is never fun seeing her get shots, but she handles them like a champ. The good news is NO MORE FORMULA…YEAH! We are finishing off what we already had but then she is on whole milk. We have also already started getting rid of the bottle and transitioning to the sippy cup only. So far she is doing great. Such a BIG GIRL!

12 Months
Height – 29” – 50%
Weight – 19.2 lbs – 20%
Head – 18.25” – 80% (lots of brains)

What is Landry doing at 1 year?

  • Walking (I don’t think I have seen her crawl in 2 weeks)
  • Saying, “Mamma, Dada, Baby, Puppy, ba ba (meaning bottle), ba (meaning ball), Ut Oh (when she drops things), Bye Bye & Ni Ni (which means Night Night)
  • Clapping, Touch Down & High 5
  • Dancing to her favorite song “All the Single Ladies”
  • Eating 3 meals a day with 4 bottles/sippy cups of milk
    Favorite Food = Mac & Cheese, Meat Sticks (i know…gross) & Cookies
    Favorite Game – Peek a Boo
    Favorite Person - Daddy

A couple of weeks ago when we were in Houston Pierce asked me when Baby Landry would change her name and just be called Landry (so cute). I told him at 2 years old…I am not ready to give up the “BABY” title…but as you can see she is growing up fast.

Many (family members) about Birthday pictures, I am waiting to post pictures until we have our 2nd party this weekend. I promise they will be posted soon…okay…here is a sneak peek.

IMG_3665 IMG_3685

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