Wild Child

8 Months Old ALREADY…I can hardly believe it!  My baby is growing up so fast.  She can now get anywhere she want to go…and get there fast.  She wants to walk so bad, Mom keeps telling me I walked at 9 months but I am not sure I believe her.  Besides trying to learn to walk Landry is screaming all the time.  She LOVES to hear herself scream, it sounds just like a dolphin.  Needless to say we need lots of Advil these days.

I got a couple new toys for Miss L…a pink walker and a pink car, she loves them.  I quickly realized I needed to move ALL baby toys upstairs, they were taking over my living room.  So now Trey’s man cave is officially Landry’s playroom. :)  Trey and I both about died when she started taking steps behind her new walker. (see her reenactment video)

On Saturday we had a playdate with the Heflin sisters.  Landry and Kara were born 3 weeks apart.  I tried to get a couple good pictures of the girls but for the most part Miss L was not having it…too busy playing.  We did NOT plan to dress them alike but when Kara showed up they were wearing the same onesie.  Great Mommas think alike!  Enjoy the pictures!


Kara and Landry IMG_9242  IMG_9249

She would not even look at the camera.

I am having video difficulties…I will post them next.

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