Pumpkin Patch & Mojo Visit

IMG_9736 What a great weekend we had!  My mom (Mojo) was in town for a visit.  We love it when she is in town, she always gives us a break and takes over baby duty.  I have been promising Trey he could sleep-in and golf all weekend if he wanted.  Sunday after she left I asked Trey, “How many bottles have you given Landry since Thursday?” and he replied, “maybe 1?”…then I asked “What about diaper changes?” and he said, “Not many!”  Too funny!  When mom is in town that is what she wants to do, care for her Grandbaby!  Our door is always open to Mojo.  On Saturday night my friend Kelly had her 30th birthday party at Winstar Casino in OK.  Mom stayed home with Landry so Trey and I could head to the casino for some adult fun!  Anyone that knows Trey knows he may be “thrifty” but he LOVES to gamble.  I am happy to report that after 3 hours of blackjack we left with an extra $40 bucks in our pockets.  I am always happy to come away a winner no matter how much.

Since October 1st taking Landry to a pumpkin patch has been on my list of things to do.  Every time I make plans to go it rains.  I am so sick of the darn rain.  While Mojo was in town we took Landry to a pumpkin patch.  Well…it was really just a pumpkin picture spot.  Oh well, it will do, she doesn’t know the difference.  Enjoy the pictures…and a BIG THANKS to Mojo for all the help with our whittle Whitehead!



IMG_9690 IMG_9640



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  1. You know how you could have Mojo all the time? MOVE BACK HOME!!!!!!!!

    PS- Good pic of Mojo and Landry!