Cutest Punkin in the Patch!

I am so excited it is starting to feel like Fall outside, of course in Dallas that means tons of rain & thunderstorms.  Yesterday I was in New Mexico for work and on my flight home we had to circle in the air for almost 2 hours due to a thunderstorm.  Needless to say I did not get to see my precious baby.  I made up for it tonight with lots of good play time.  Now I need to go catch up on some MUST SEE TV! 

Mojo and Jessie got Landry this cute pumpkin or punkin (if you are a Garman) outfit.  Mojo just had to try it on her while we were in AR to “make sure it would fit” I know she just wanted to take pictures with her new iPhone.  Enjoy the pictures mom.


I wanted her to sit directly in the grass but Trey insisted on the towel since the ground was a little damp.  Oh well…at least it is a green towel.

IMG_8893 IMG_8897  She loves to stick out her tongue these days.

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