Tutu Time

Okay so I spoke to soon on the 6 month post.  We fought the fever off and on all weekend.  Since our little one wasn’t feeling great, Trey and I decided to take it easy and keep Miss Landry indoors for most of the weekend.  This meant I had some free time on my hands so I ran to Hobby Lobby picked up some tulle and made Landry her 1st tutu!  She was watching me make it and when I finally put it on her she got so excited.  What girl doesn’t loved having all the tulle to grab.  Of course I snapped a few pictures of my handy work. 

WARNING:  If you are one of my MANY friends that is pregnant with a GIRL…close your eyes…You have showers coming up.

IMG_7910  Every girl needs a tutu!


IMG_7898 She was still feeling sick so I could not get a good smile, maybe next time.


  1. Those look GREAT! Can I have one!? haha!

  2. The tutu looks great and your sister's wedding pictures are amazing. What a beautiful event. I hope Landry feels better soon!

  3. OH I LOVE IT! That is precious!!

  4. Yea! I'm having a girl!!! Put me on that list! I want! I want!