Our Day at the Pool!

Last weekend I made a trip to the pool with our nieces and nephew.  They were in town to spend the week with Mimi and Granddad.  Landry was feeling under the weather so she stayed at home with Daddy, but my neighbor boys joined us.  We all had a blast! Here are some cute pictures I took of the kiddos.

 IMG_7937 Pierce, Hailey & Kamryn


Our neighbor twins…or we like to refer to them as Landry’s boyfriends!

Funny story…after we returned home the kiddos got to spend some quality time with their cousin Landry.  They all call her “Baby Landry”.  When they were leaving Kamryn came up to me and asked if Baby Landry is going to change her name when she gets older.  I was puzzled by the question then I realized that she thought her real name was BABY LANDRY!  She has probably been thinking…is she going to be called baby for the rest of her life?  I thought it was so cute!  Then Trey informed me that he thought his Uncle David’s name was UNCLEDAVE for a long time…yep all one word and his real name.  So Cute :)


Kamryn & Landry

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