We made it!

The Whitehead’s have invaded Rosemary Beach…one small problem…the BRIDE is stuck at DFW. Hopefully as I am typing she has boarded a plane and will hopefully arrive at our house by 2 am. Can anyone say Bridezilla! She should have chosen to come the old fashion way…by MINIVAN! :) (No really I am praying for her safe arrival)

Stop #1 of our trip was in Kilbourne, LA to visit MOM MOM. Landry just loved seeing her again. She filled our tummies with yummy food then sent us on our way. With a doggie bag of course. Stop #2 was in Mobile, AL…nothing much to report about Mobile other than we had a nice hotel and got a good nights sleep. Final Stop….Rosemary Beach…Yeah!?! The house we rented is WONDERFUL, I can’t wait…this is going to be a great week.

Once we got settled in we took Landry down to the beach so she could feel the sand for the first time, here are just a few pictures I was able to snap. More from FL soon…I better get some rest…Miss L will be up in a few hours. (HOPEFULLY Aunt Jessie will be here by then)

Landry & Mom Mom

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  1. I'm glad you made it safely and in one piece. You never know when traveling with babies. Hope you have lots of fun. We missed you tonight.