Florida here we come…

We are getting ready for the big road trip to FL…YES we are driving.  12+ hours in a MINIVAN with a 5 month old…we must be crazy!  I can’t wait to leave, but I have so much to do between now and Friday.  We are making a pit stop in Kilbourne, LA to visit MOM MOM.  She has only seen Landry once and boy has Miss L changed since then.  I am most excited to eat her chicken spaghetti and chocolate pie…YUMMY!  I will try to post several times while we are in FL for those who are not able to make the wedding…pray for NO rain please!

Landry is getting so big, she is ALMOST crawling.  Maybe she will come home from FL with a new trick.


Just a little belly surfing


  If she could just move the arms….You can do it Landry!


Landry was trying out her “HEELS”.

As MOJO said heels really do lengthen the leg.


I HAD to do it!  She was feeling left out.

For 11 years she was my only baby…now she is second string.  I still LOVE you Madie!


  1. Have so much fun in Florida! I can't wait to see pics! I am leaving tomorrow for a cruise with all the females on my mom's side of the family! Should be fun, but I'm sad we have to miss the wedding:(!

  2. OMG! Love the shoes! I'm so proud of Landry! Have fun in Florida! Congrats to your sister!