Our First Concert

I just LOVE having a year full of 1st…everything is new and exciting.   Monday night we went to our first outdoor concert.  It was a outdoor concert in the park with a few of our neighbors and their kiddos.  It was a perfect night to sit outside and have a few cold drinks while listening to Beatles music.  Landry may not remember her first concert but luckily her Mommy was there with the camera.  Here are a few pictures I snapped of Landry and our neighbors.

IMG_6190 Landry and her Daddy

IMG_6165edit Our neighbor Brynn…she is almost 1 year older than Landry

IMG_6174 The Hahn’s…Landry cannot wait to run WILD with Hudson & Landon.

IMG_6183 Michel Ann & Kali

IMG_6202 You know us!

IMG_6152 Our sweet baby!

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