It’s POOL time!

I absolutely LOVE summertime.  Maybe because I was born in the summer…Mom said I was always a water baby.  (NOTE: summer was more fun when I liked being in a swimsuit…back in the day)  But even with my post baby body we ventured to the Twin Creeks pool this weekend.  I could not wait any longer.  Landry has the cutest little swimsuits and I just could not wait to get them on her. 


Reese Walker gave Landry her old swim boat…the princess LOVES it.  Thanks Reese!


A baby is a great way to hide yourself in a photo…he he!


All that swimming just wore her out!

This weekend we are heading to Arkansas to visit my family (Landry’s first ROAD trip).  With both parents having pools I am sure we will have more pool pics to share.  Get ready Arkansas here we come!


  1. FYI...you don't need to hide behind Landry! You look great!