3 Months Old…We have a sleeper!

I cannot believe Landry is already 3 months old and I am headed back to work on Monday…YIKES!  It seems like just yesterday she was born, yet she has changed so much in just 3 short months.  Here is Miss Landry’s 3 month progress report.

*She has been sleeping all night for a week now…this is the most exciting thing.  I cannot tell you how nice it is not to get up and give a bottle in the middle of the night.  She has actually increased her evening feed to between 7 and 8 ounces so she has dropped both the late night (11pm) and middle of the night feedings.  YEAH LANDRY!

*Like most babies she is drooling a ton, I am keeping my eye out for some little teeth.

*She is beginning to like the pacifier (only when she is tired)…but she absolutely loves her tiny silk blankets.  Trey and I cannot figure out what to call it, sometimes  we call it a “silky” and other times we say “lovey”.  Trey says that “lovey” reminds him of Gilligan's Island…I have no idea what he is talking about.

*She has only rolled over twice that we know of. I know it terrible…but I kinda like the idea of putting her down and knowing she cannot move.

*She SMILES just about every time you talk to her.  We love her and her BIG blue eyes!

For the most part she is a really easy baby…at least for us.  I hope she is the same for Ms. Kelly.  Here are a few 3 month pictures.  I will have more pictures after her baptism this weekend.

IMG_5252  IMG_5257

Trey got a pick of Madie sneaking up on Landry while she was playing with her new toy “Lammy”.  He said she gave the back of Landry’s head a good sniff.



  1. I swear 3 months is like the magic number. Your life starts getting back to normal it seems like. I'm so glad she is sleeping for you!! That is the most exciting part! ;)

  2. I recognize that bumbo chair and pink outfit! Glad it's getting some use. Besides sleeping like a champ, she's also getting more adorable every day too!
    See you back at the office soon :(

  3. So cute. You may have a brief interruption in the sleeping once she starts teething. So enjoy it while it last!

  4. Oh, I miss her! I've GOT to make a trip down there this summer!! Give her a hug for me!