Valentine's Day...Meet My Cousins + A New Addition

Hailey and Kamryn with their new cousin.

Pierce joined the girls for a photo

The Mommy and her Love Bug

So far we have had a great week, Landry has found her lungs. I knew it would not take long...I thought for sure there was no way Trey and I would have a quiet child. For Valentine's Day we went to Mimi and Granddad's house for dinner, and Landry met her cousins for the first time. We have 2 nieces, Hailey (8) and Kamryn (4) and 1 nephew Pierce (4). It was so funny to watch the girls with Landry...they were both by her side from the minute we walked in the door. Pierce took a minute to look at her, pose for a picture...then he was off to play a game...typical guy. Landry is going to have so much fun growing up with her cousins.

Last night Trey received a text message from his cousin Robert that his wife Julie was in labor. Robert and Julie were some of our biggest supporters of waiting to find out the sex of the baby. They have two older children and they waited to find out the gender for all 3. So, around mid night we received word "It's a Girl". Heidi Louise Rimes is finally here, I will post a pic when I get one. Landry is going to be so lucky to have so many kids her age to grow up with.

I want to take a minute to thank all our generous neighbors and friends that have been keeping our fridge stocked with wonderful food. We are very blessed, and have enjoyed everything.

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  1. I LOVE the picture of you and your love bug. That's the cutest thing I've ever seen! So glad you a a blogger now! Yes!!!!!!