Rockin the Crib

She looks so tiny in the big crib

Well…it is official…Landry is sleeping in her crib. I really wanted her to stay in the pack n play in our room for at least a month, but Trey was over it. So after her 2 week check up on Monday Trey informed me that he wanted her to sleep in her room. She was a little upset at first…which broke my heart. I got up and rocked her to sleep then put her back in the crib, she slept for 4 straight hours. Trey said that he had the best night sleep since she was born…mine was just okay.

Report from the Doctor: Our man goal for the 2 week check up was to have her back up to birth weight…she made it! She was born at 7.14, but dropped to 7.3. We have been pumping her full of milk so we could “make weight” it worked, she was a whopping 8 lbs. 6 oz. Doc said she looked very healthy and happy so we seem to be doing okay as parents.

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