Cute outfit from Aunt Brianne...we are currently washing it.

Our new freezer should be arriving today...thank goodness

Between feedings and pumpings I feel like all we talk about these days is MILK. We have so much milk in our house right now we literally went and bought a deep freezer for the garage because our current freezer was filling up fast. The new freezer is being delivered sometime today. So, I thought it was fitting today when Landry received a gift from Aunt Brianne, it was this cute MILK onesie and flower headband. I decided that Brianne needed to see a picture of Landry wearing the outfit so after dinner I dressed her up for a photo. Obviously I either didn’t wait long enough or she was so mad about the headband that she threw up all over me and her new onesie.
Of course I desperately want her to wear headbands, hats and bows. I figured I had several months before she even realized she had something on her head. Not the case…yesterday she kept pulling her red bow down around her neck prompting me to remove it all together. I am going to be so upset if this continues…God gave me a girl for a reason…to dress her up. Just kidding.

Landry is already so spoiled by everyone, Trey and I joke she is already receiving more mail than us. Here is a picture of a package of goodies that was delivered Monday with her name embroidered on everything…too cute. Thanks Eshelman Family

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