Best Day Ever...

I know...I know...I am 3 weeks late in posting these pictures.  No excuses...just LIFE!!!  Here are the pictures from Landry's BEST DAY EVER!

Like most 4 year old girls Miss L loves ALL things princess.  I bet we've watched the movie Tangled 50 times over the last year.  We started talking about her birthday party right after Hayden's first birthday and she knew exactly what she wanted to do...A Princess Party! Rapunzel is her favorite princess (right now), she tells me she loves her hair (bc it glows) and her voice.  We have been to parties before where a "real princess" shows up but I wasn't sure I was going to be able to find someone in our area to play the role of Rapunzel.  Keep in mind this Princess would need to be a singer because I knew Miss L would ask her to sing one of her songs.  I stumbled across Simply Magical Entertainment on youtube and booked her right away.  Landry talked for months about the REAL Rapunzel coming to her house and she helped me plan every detail of this party.  Rapunzel was great with the girls, she sang, read a story, danced with them and played games.  Well worth it!  After the party when I was putting Landry to bed she told me that was the best birthday ever and I was her "best and favorite Mommy" for letting her have a princess party. I love this age!!!  I'm sure we will have many more Princess parties in our future since Hayden is way more into them than Landry ever was at age one.  I want to thank our beloved JoJo for making the trip to Allen to celebrate with us.  Also a HUGE thank you to my friend Katie who was my photographer for the day, we all know she loved getting to channel her inner princess.

Landry helped assemble the party favors for her friends, Rapunzel's favorite hobby painting!

Here is another idea I came across on Pinterest, Pascal party blowers!

As the other little Princesses arrived they started by making their own wands, then we moved into the living room for a little game of "Pin the frying pan on Flynn Ryder"

Then it was time for our Special Guest to arrive.  You can tell by the look on Landry's face she was in Awe...

One of Landry's main requests was to have a piñata filled with candy. This girl LOVES candy!

My little Rapunzel.  Sissy Who?  This party was for me!!!

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