Turkey Day at the Beach

This year we had something very special to celebrate over Thanksgiving.  Trey's precious Mom Mom was turning 90 years old and the family decided we all needed to celebrate somewhere.  Since half of the family lives in Louisiana and we live in Texas we decided to take a trip to Panama City Beach, FL.  I have never been to the beach this time of year and was excited to see what it was like.  The weather was amazing, totally different than those hot summer days when you are just dying to get in the water.  It was cool in the mornings and evenings and warm in the afternoon.  The water was very calm which made being on the beach just wonderful.  The girls had a great time.  I flew down with both girls by myself while Trey drove the car down the day before.  We couldn't seem to find reasonable flights home so we  all drove back together.  The girls were great but it was a long 15 hour road trip including stops etc.  We are going back to FL in May and Trey has already booked flights for me and the girls.  He loves his time alone in the car, just him and his thoughts.

This was Hayden's first time to the beach and she loved everything about it.  Landry has never been a huge fan of the sand but Hayden is a different story.  It doesn't bother her at all.  We were joined by Mimi & Granddad mid week and had a wonderful Thanksgiving Day party for Mom Mom.  Trey worked really hard on a special video for her and a photo book from pictures of her life.  She loved everything but most importantly getting to spend time with her family.  She is one very special Lady.  Oh...BTW...I hope I'm half as sharp as she is on my 90th birthday.

first time in the sand


As you can see someone has the "CHEEEEESE" thing down

Cousin Thomas getting his first kiss
She thought she was so big sitting at the bar and ordering a milk with Uncle David

Learning all about the ipad from big sis

Hanging with cousin Heidi & Lucy

Silly girls

These cousins are 2 weeks apart, cutest booties ever!

Guess who came to visit us at the beach?
Yep...Sue Sue was also in FL visiting her Grandparents and came by for the day.  I swear these two are inseparable.

The Birthday Girl...90 years young!!!

We took a Thanksgiving morning walk on the beach with the girls, it was such a nice way to spend Thanksgiving.

Mom Mom and her kids
I don't even have a clue what has gotten into this little one, she has developed a new "smile" and when you say cheese she does a variation of these faces.  She had us all rolling at Thanksgiving dinner.

See Hayden's face...there it is again!

Headed home...until next time 
If you follow me on instagram you have seen these next photos.  I had a little fun at night recapping our day into a photo collage. It might be my new favorite thing.

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  1. Sweet Mom Mom!! I hope I look that good at 90! AND...Landry kills me with that sassy pose!! Hilarious! She must have been watchin' her mama!!