11 months & busy busy busy...

After 9 months of having the most laid back kid known to man, we are now paying the price.  Miss Hayden is officially on the move.  She wishes she could walk everywhere but hasn't mastered that skill set quite yet, but she is one speedy crawler and loves speed walking with her  pink walker.  She is into everything and loves to keep Mom, Dad & big Sissy on our toes.  She finally got her first tooth at 10 months...yes just 1!  This week she is pretty cranky and seems to be teething again so we are hoping for a few more pearly whites real soon.  She is a great eater but is liking baby food less and less each day.  She wants to eat what we're eating which creates a problem when you only have 1 bottom tooth.  Dinner time can be frustrating given we don't know what exactly she wants and her teeth seem to hurt when she eats.  Between Landry not eating and Hayden wanting everything dinner time at our house is very tense most of the time.  I can already tell the girls are going to be the best of friends, Hayden is just going to have to deal with a bossy big sister...mine did! :)  Here are a few pictures of the girls getting a little after dinner play time.  You will notice Hayden is also a messy eater, my fault I'm really bad with bibs this go around.


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