37 Weeks...can you believe it!

I really can't believe I have been able to keep up with this project.  I am the worst about starting something and never finishing it.  I cannot tell you how many half done projects we have around out house.  I am bound and determined to see this through all the way to week 52!

The Week 37 finished product...she was cracking up laughing at her sister who was on the bed.

But, its not that simple...on this particular day I had a HELPER, which never ends well!!!  I always ask Landry to stand back and make her laugh but she doesn't seem to get what standing back means.



If you want to see week 1 thru week 37 click here.


  1. I love that first picture of her laughing, that is just so sweet! And of course the last picture. ; )

  2. Hi there. I'm one of your random blogstalkers. It would be so sweet to have a quilt made for her with all of those background fabrics once you're done. :) Just a thought...