Our adventures at Sea World

A couple weekends ago we took a mini vacation to Sea World with our good friends The Hahn's.  They were doing their "Spring tour de Texas" and we thought we would squeeze in a couple days in San Antonio together.  We all left Dallas on Thursday, the husbands headed out early so they could make and afternoon tee time, while Julie and I headed down with the kiddos (minus Hayden, she stayed home with JoJo).  We took our time and stopped in Austin for lunch then on to the outlet mall for a little shopping.  Landry had one of her classic comments on the way down, she quietly asked from the back seat, "Mom...when can I get out, I'm tired of riding in the trunk".  Poor thing had been riding in the third seat of Julie's SUV.  I told her not to tell people mommy made her ride in the trunk...that would not be good.  You can see from the pictures we had a great time.  We miss our good friends and can't wait to see them again soon...hopefully in Arkansas this summer.   

Ready to see Shamu!

Love these boys

Ready for the first show of the day

The most heartbreaking part of the trip for Landry was when she realized she wasn't tall enough to ride the Shamu Express.  She wanted to go so bad and had been talking about it all day.  Finally the time came to ride, I was riding with Hudson, Steve with Landon and Julie was tasked with taking pictures.  Trey was planning to ride with Landry, but once we got to the front of the line she didn't make the height requirement (we knew it would be close...see above) but thought she would pass.  She was devastated!  Trey said he would have bought her anything she wanted he felt so bad.  She finally pulled it together and loved waving to use was we went around. We told her if she continues to eat better maybe next time we go she will be tall enough to ride. Hope it works!

The boys cousin Austin met us at Sea World, isn't he a cutie.

And finally they got to see SHAMUUUUUUU!!!
The show was great, I still can't believe these giant creatures can jump so high.  It really is amazing what they have trained them to do.  It was so funny listening to Landry talk about the show on the way home, Shamu through the eyes of a 3 year old..."Shamu swam really fast then JUMPED out of the glow/sparkle water and splashed everyone". You can see from the pictures the lights inside the stadium make the water kinda glowed and to Landry that is "glow/sparkle water".

We sat at the top of the splash zone...a little mist was all we needed.

The Sea Lion show...

As you can see Miss L didn't want her picture taken, she told us she was "watching the show" only one issue...the show hadn't started yet. Oh well...

Landry told JoJo the big peach guy ate all the fish!

Landry's obsession with HUD!  This is how they started the day...

and this is how it ended...still holding hands.
At some point sweet Hud realized I will just hold her hand and keep her happy. He is going to be a good husband some day. This hand holding thing totally stressed Trey out...the teenage years are going to be FUN!!!

Feeding the Dolphins!
We also went to the dolphin show but I didn't have my camera so no pictures were taken during that show. I did think of my sister when all the gymnasts were performing flips from the high dive during the show. I am pretty sure if she were there she would have said..."I could have done that!" Missed your calling Jess!

Have you seen the "Dad Life" video on YouTube??? If you have this picture will make you laugh

After a long day...
Back at the hotel they had Car's 2 playing outside one night and Nemo the next night.  We roasted s'mores in the fire pit and had a great time.

We had one tired little girl...but a great vacation!

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  1. Love this blog post! We had so much fun with you guys and can't wait to do it all over again soon!