Easter 2012

What a weekend!  We had a jam packed Easter weekend complete with 2 Egg hunts, a trip to the doctor, a family photo session in the bluebonnets (pictures to come later), a visit from the bunny, Easter lunch and of course the Masters.  I am tired just thinking about it.  It all started Thursday with Landry and Hayden's Easter party at the park near Mrs. Kelly's house.  Landry looked cute but we ended up cutting the party short due to a poor attitude.  We should have known then she wasn't feeling good and and good old fashion cold was on the horizon.  We had family photos taken on Saturday morning bright and early, by late afternoon Saturday we were at the doctors office with both girls. I feared strep throat when Landry started complaining of a sore throat so we figured better safe than sorry. The strep test was negative but once again the swabbing action cause Landry to lose her lunch.  Poor girl!  We had a great weekend even though both girls we a little under the weather.  I am just glad we are on the mend because we have a date with Shamu later this week.  Enjoy the pictures, there are lots of them.

Then the bunny came....

(Wendi...the Easter Bunny gave her the backpack...thanks she loves it)
This Momma decided to get a little crafty. I made an impulse purchase while pregnant with Hayden, a Silhouette machine, I had big plans for this thing and to date this is the only think I have made.  But they turned out cute don't ya think? Even my super crafty friend Katie had me cut some bunnies for her :).  Below is our newest Easter decoration, it was a gift from my Grandmother to the girls.  She has had this in her home for years and they recently moved her into an assisted living facility so she told Jojo to bring it to us.  We have put it to good use.  Landry LOVES it and I am sure Hayden will too!  Landry told us the Easter Bunny saw it when he/she came to deliver her gifts and he/she loved it.  We are a little confused on the gender of the bunny because the one we saw at the Mall this weekend appeared to be a female.  Who knows anymore?!?

My Easter gift from the girls...I LOVE it!  This was a project they did at school.  Thanks Kelly!

This is how our Easter morning started out, the Cinderella Bride and the one eared Bunny.  Landry hijacked my photo shoot with Hayden and insisted on wearing the flower headband, leaving Hayden with the broken bunny one. I told H, "get used to it, it's only the beginning!"  Saturday night both girls were running a fever of 102, we made a quick trip to Acute kids only for the to tell use that neither girl had infection just a bad cold virus that needed to run its course. We couldn't go to church which totally bummed me out. I had matching dresses for them and Landry was very excited to go to the 3 year old Sunday school class. Landry is a girl after her Mimi's heart, she LOVES all things Jesus!  I wish more than anything I was running tape on the 15 minute Bible reading she gave us Sunday night.  I never knew that Jesus had bloody hands because crocodiles bit them...only in the mind of a 3 year old.
We still managed to have our egg hunt Sunday morning before the rain came.

Trey told her she needed some competition because she opened each egg as she found it...she was only interested in the ones with candy...not coins.  Someday that will change.

1 bucket full...on to Hayden's bucket.

Posing with the loot

And finally we put the Easter dresses on for lunch with Mimi & Grandad. It was raining outside so I tried to get a picture of both girls in the house...like I said...I TRIED!!!  We will be wearing these dresses again next year.

Can you tell someone is teething....


  1. Hayden looks like such a big girl in the pictures of her smocked dress!! Darling!! Y'all had a busy Easter weekend! Those thighs crack me up!!

  2. I love the buckets! I am shocked you and Katie haven't put that machine to more use. If you want to cut me a "W" I need it for a project (see pinterest). Love the bunny headband and the even the broken one too! Sorry they were sick but it sounds like y'all had a good weekend anyway.