Happy Presidents Day

What a great fun filled/relaxing weekend we had.  Friday night was a girls night out for me.  I went to Fireside Pies and had great food, great Sangria & of course great conversation.  Saturday morning Landry and I made pancakes while Daddy and Hayden slept in.  It was a raining all day on Saturday so we were home all day.  After spending 8 hours indoors, I was beginning to get a little stir crazy so we decided to go out for a quick dinner both girls were on their best behavior.  We finished the night with a "Lion Show" preformed by Landry (I promise I WILL get this on video) then off to bed like a big girl.  Both girls are feeling 100%, sleeping and eating great!  I probably just jinxed us but this is seriously the key to happy kids around here.  Sunday morning we took Madie to get her haircut, ran to the grocery store, picked Madie up, met Mimi & Granddad for a yummy lunch, napped, made dinner for our neighbors (that just had a new baby), ate dinner, took baths & of course another "Lion Show".  Then it was off to bed for the little ones and the premiere of Khloe & Lamar for me.  That is what I call a great weekend.  Oh...I forgot to mention both Trey and I are off work for Presidents Day so we are having a "Date Day" without kids...yippee!!!  Lunch and AMC here we come!  Here are just a few pictures from our weekend!

As you can see Landry learned all about Presidents Day and George Washington on Friday at school.  She told me he has funny hair!  

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