look who's eating cereal

Last week I decided to take Hayden back to the doctor to see if there is something more than reflux that is causing the massive amounts of spit up.  They decided to send us for an ultrasound of her tummy just to make sure everything looked normal.  We got a call that everyone on the ultrasound looked normal and since she is gaining weight (lots of weight) they are not concerned at this time.  We are keeping her on the reflux medicine which doesn't stop the spitting up it just helps neutralize the tummy acids so it doesn't burn.  We have tried everything we know to try to stop the spit up or at least minimize it.  If any Moms have advice please leave me a comment.  I am willing to try everything.  

In the mean time we are starting her on some rice cereal at night to see if the thicker food stays down better.  Of course her big sister was very eager to start feeding her.

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