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I am finally getting around to posting pictures of my christmas decorations.  I have had several very nice comments on decorations that have been pictured in the background of pictures of the girls etc.  Thank you for all the sweet comments, decorating for Christmas is one of my passions.  I just love turning our house into a winter wonder land or "winner woner wan" as Landry would say.  I only had the energy for 2 trees this year, the dining room tree never made it up.  I guess with having a 2 month old I have a good excuse.  Here are the three key rules I follow when decorating or shopping for Christmas decorations.
1. Shop after Christmas for the next year (never pay full price).  I love to shop at the specitality christmas store but they are so expensive before Christmas.  After Christmas everything is at least 50% off and much more affordable.  But this does require you to plan ahead and NOT spend all your christmas cash before hand.

2. Deco Mesh, Deco Mesh, Deco Mesh.  This stuff is the greatest invention.  It cuts down on the amount of ornaments your tree needs, it looks great on garland and wreaths.

3. Ribbon...and lots of it.  I love to make big bows and use lots of ribbon.  My favorite place to shop for Ribbon is Sam's Club.  The last few years they have had some great ribbons, not to mention tons on each roll.  They have also started selling the deco mesh.  I usually get a couple rolls of my favorites so I have some for the following year.

I did something a little different with my front door this year.  I found this cute Santa at Hobby Lobby and my first intentions for him were to put him in the center of a wreath.  Once I got him home I loved the way he looked all by himself on the front door.  I alway do the garland around the door but this year I strayed from my usual red and lime green and opted for a candy cane theme.  I was really happy with the way it turned out. 

Landry's Christmas decor...

Other than making a few wreaths for other people this was my only "crafty" christmas project this year.  I bought all these colorful balls on clearance last year after Christmas so I could make a wreath for Landry room.  These colors go great in her new big girl room.

Here are a few wreaths I made for JoJo and a couple of her friends.  I had full intentions of posting these earlier this month but once again time got away from me. 

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  1. Wow, wow, and more wow! I absolutely love your Christmas decorations. I do not have a Sam's Club card but need to get one just for that leopard ribbon! I am obsessed with leopard/cheetah and that is the perfect print if I've ever seen it ;)

    I also love deco mesh, so needless to say, I am obsessed with your tree!

    Happy New Year!