The first of many

I just love this time of year, we are so blessed and have such a wonderful friends & families to celebrate the holidays with.  Our first Christmas was spent in Plano with Trey's family.  The girls had a great time even though they missed seeing their cousins this year.  Trey's grandmother Mom Mom was to meet her 8th great grandchild.  I got few great pictures of her with Hayden. 

Mom Mom is 89 years young and still as spunky as ever.

The next night we had a brief visit from our favorite twin boys.  I just love seeing this little kiddos grow up together.

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  1. First of all, your family is so beautiful! And your pictures are pretty incredible too! Kelly and I both got the nifty fifty lens for Christmas. Is that your secret?

    The girls are too cute! We still need to get Hayden and Luke together for a playdate but this whole "working thing" is not too conducive to that. Maybe some weekend?