Adventures of Jingle (our Elf)

First of all...I cannot believe I never posted this.  I just found these pictures sitting on my computer and realized I never posted about of Elf breakfast.

I have been obsessed with Pintrest over the last several months and while surfing I stumbled across the idea to have a welcome breakfast for your Elf on the Shelf.  We had Jingle last year but I wasn't sure Landry remember who he (now a she) was so I thought this breakfast idea might be fun.  Jingle is our Boy Girl Elf who is now sporting a skirt since we are a house full of girls (sorry Trey).  So, on the weekend of Thanksgiving after Landry went to bed I set the table for a big welcome breakfast for the girls, complete with reindeer donuts, breakfast casserole, coffee cake and small gifts for the girls from Jingle herself.  Landry had a good time and has enjoyed hunting for Jingle each morning.  I look forward to her excitement in the coming years once she really starts remembering the magic of Christmas.

Here is a few of the silly places we have found jingle around the house.  Next year I plan to get really creative with Jingle because Landry is really beginning to understand the concept.



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  1. You are so freaking creative! Please stop so I don't feel so sorry for myself anymore. :)