Hog Game

Well...we all know now it didn't turn out like we had hoped!  Poor Hogs!  All in all it was a great season.  This was the first football season since I can remember that we have not gone to a single game.  I guess being 9 months pregnant and having a newborn are good excuses, we will be back next year.  We might even take Miss L to her first game (if she's lucky).  We watched the game in style across the street with the Dennett's, it's crazy that Amanda and I both grew up in Arkansas and ended up living across the street from each other.  It's nice to have neighbors that don't mind my obnoxious hog flag flying out front.  Both of my girls were on their best behavior until after the game, I think they were feeling the pain of the entire HOG NATION.

We even recruited Brooks to be a Hog fan for the day since his Ducks lost the week before.

My SAD little Hogs!

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  1. cute pictures. love the cheerleading uniform. i see a future there.