family date night

Last night we had a Whitehead family date night.  A sweet friend of mine offered us tickets to the Celina balloon festival.  Since we tried to attend the Plano festival in September and were rained out the entire weekend we decided we would take Landry to see the balloons in Celina.  She loves "HOT BALLOONS"!  This is a much smaller festival but it was perfect for us since we didn't plan to be there long.  It is finally feeling like fall in Texas and was pretty chilly last night, so we bundled up and headed north for the evening.  The balloons were extremely close to us and I had the wrong camera lens on for the occasion but I did manage to get a few shots.  btw...Hayden was great, she slept the entire time in her little cacoon.  She is a little angel and just like her sister she prefers to be on the go.

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