Sisterly Love

Finally...Landry has her real life dress up doll!  We have set some boundaries with her on what she can and can't do with Hayden and so far she is doing really well.  We have had a couple melt downs at times when she "thought" she was getting to put her baby in the car seat or stroller not the Hayden.  Other than that we have been really impressed with the way she has been adjusting to sibling life.  We came home on Saturday morning and by Saturday afternoon Landry had a fever, runny nose and was coughing on everything and everyone.  That was a little stressful given we have just brought home a 48 hour old newborn into a germ infested house.  We couldn't keep Landry from wanting to be around her sister so JoJo convinced her to wear the hospital mask the nurses gave her and bought Landry her own bottle of hand sanitizer to carry around.  This has seemed to help, at least she is using it so we are killing "some" germs!!!  Trey took her to the doctor on Sunday and she has a good ole sinus infection so we are now on an antibiotic.

As far as Baby Hayden goes she is doing GREAT!  When we left the hospital she was a little jaundice, which worried us because Landry was the same way when we left the hospital and ended up spending 3 days in a "tanning bed" to get rid of it.  We did not want to go through this again so we really increased her feedings and gave her a little time in the sun and this has seemed to do the trick.  We went back to the doctors office today for her post birth check up and her weight (which had dropped to 8 lbs) was back up to 8 lbs 2.5oz  which was a good increase for 24 hours. The "Mommy MILK truck" has arrived!  Hayden has had very few feeding issues and just like with Landry it seems I could feed a small village in Africa with my milk supply.  The nights are long but we are hanging in there.  I will try my best to keep the updates coming.

The look on Hayden's face is priceless..."Are you guys sure she should be doing this???"


  1. I love the pictures of Landry snuggling with Hayden. It's precious and will only get better and better! Your mom is a miracle worker, huh? And you too with your milk supply to feed the small village. You are hilarious. See ya soon.

  2. Those pictures are so sweet! I love that Hayden is already working on her tan with JoJo.